Paul's Apiary

There are two temperature probes being monitored on this hive. Both are connected to a Raspberry Pi computer (approx. $35.00) and temperature readings are taken every 15 minutes. One temperature probe is measuring the outdoor temperature while the other probe is in the middle of the top box of the hive. As we enter late fall these temperatures are below 70 degrees indicating that the bee cluster is probably down in the middle hive box. As the winter progresses it is expected that the cluster will move up into the top hive box and the hive temperatures will rise to 90+ degrees once the cluster of bees surrounds the temperature probe.

These results are recorded and depicted on the graph below. The computer and the sensor probes are powered by a 12 volt, sealed cell battery and kept charged with a small solar panel. This system ran successfully during the summer of 2017 and was able to maintain battery power even in periods of extended rain. It will be interesting to see how it does during the winter of 2017-2018 with our reduced hours of daylight. The second graph shows the battery voltage and also the power the system is consuming which is typically less than 2 watts